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Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Shield Bedwetting Alarm / Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

By Kristin

5 out of 5
The alarm is sufficiently loud and the vibration helps rouse really deep sleepers. So far, we really like this alarm.

By Else

5 out of 5
This alarm has worked really well for my 7 yrs. old son who is an extremely deep sleeper. After about 1 month of use my son had basically been trained to wake up before starting to wet the bed.

By J Penderson

5 out of 5
It really is worth the price, just be patient.

By Helge

5 out of 5
He is a very heavy sleeper yet it wakes him up immediately to go to the bathroom. I would highly recommend this alarm for children with night time bed wetting issues.

By Tone

5 out of 5
his alarm works great. After 2 weeks, our child is dry most nights.

By Maja

4 out of 5
Extremely comfortable and siblings didn't know that their sister has been using it. Working our way through wet nights. Hoping to get there really soon.

By Alise

5 out of 5
My son was seven and had never had a dry night. One month after wearing this, completely dry. And he loved it.

By Caroline

5 out of 5
After 3 weeks, my son is completely dry! I only wish I would have tried this years ago! Excellent product.

By Jonny

5 out of 5
This is an amazing product. I have a eight year old daughter who was struggling with bed wetting. Used this product. After one week, a noted improvement.

By Lisa

4 out of 5
The alarm is sensitive to a small amount of moisture. When it beeps, my son gets alert and is up. He is in a very good learning procedure and is showing good improvement.
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