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Customer Testimonials

Shield Bedwetting Alarm / Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

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Shield Max alarm has worked like a dream! My deep sleeper 8-year-old son started bed wetting out of nowhere. After weeks of trying on our own, our pediatrician recommended to use a bedwetting alarm like this. By the end of week two we were accident free. Helped to solve my son problems!!!

- Aliya Torro

It worked! My child has been using Shield for 3 weeks now with only 2 accidents in the beginning. Before getting the alarm, accidents were almost every night. We spent the first week or so in his room helping him wake up and stop the alarm, but over time he began to wake himself up and do it all himself We found the right solution for our child and we are very happy.

- Jessica Cheri

This is great for my son who wants to go sleep out but unsure if he will be able to make throughout the night dry! This alarm did the trick. 8 years of trying to night train our son did not work, but this did within 2 weeks, and the results is his confidence that he got and he can go out with his friends. Highly recommend.

- Martha Lugnow

After two weeks, we are seeing results. Our son is waking up right away and can take care of it himself. He has more confidence that he can stop wetting the bed soon. Fantastic product with very simple and easy operating design. Shipped fast, worked very, very well. Took maybe 3 weeks to completely eliminate bedwetting. We would recommend it to anyone who has a child with a nighttime bedwetting challenge in his or her life.

- Alisha Pinter

I was optimist when we bought this for our 9-year-old. He consistently wet the bed and most of the time it was a large puddle of pee. We have been using this alarm for about few weeks now, it was initially slow but my son is now waking up before the alarm goes off. It has been very effective in a shorter period of time than I expected. I would highly recommend it!

- Jossie Kidwell

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