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Bed Wetting Alarms

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A bed wetting alarm is one of the best options to treat children and teens who wet their bed at night. Most children stop wetting the bed by the time they are above 5 years but if your child is 6 or 7 and still can’t stay dry through night then you should consider of bed wetting treatment. Bed wetting alarm are an effective and safe treatment option.

A Bed wetting alarm sensor is attached to a child’s underwear or pajamas in the area where the first drop of urine occurs. Upon detecting urine, the alarm goes off and alerts the child with loud tones and vibrations. Your bedwetter child learns to get out of bed and urinate by themselves. Overtime, they learn to respond to the feeling of a full bladder by waking and going to the bathroom before the alarm goes off and slowly learns to get up before he/she wets the bed. It is important to know exactly how the bed wetting alarm works. Use it every night until your child has had at least 14 consecutive dry nights. Results for each child will vary, however on average, 3-5 months is needed for a successful bedwetting treatment.

How To Get The Most From Your Shield Bed Wetting

  • Let your child know that a bed wetting alarm can help him/her get up or sleep through the night without wetting and help them urinate in the toilet rather than wetting the bed.
  • Make your child aware of the tones of the alarm so that when they listens to the alarm at night they can responds to it sooner.
  • Teach and help your child with setting up the Bed wetting alarm and practice going to the bathroom as if it were night time.
  • Most children do not wake-up to the alarm initially and will need your help.
  • Encourage your child to “beat the alarm” by waking up when he/she feels the urge to urinate but before any urine leaks out.
  • After each bed wetting accident your child should put on dry underwear or pajamas and must reconnect the bedwetting alarm
  • The Bed wetting alarm should be used every night until he/she can go 3-4 weeks without a bedwetting episode.
  • Bed wetting alarm usually takes 3-5 months, so you should be persistent and patient as your child masters nighttime bladder control.
  • Provide a strong night light or flashlight near the bed so your child can quickly and easily move to the bathroom and urinate into the toilet. Our bed wetting kits, include a FREE nightlight.
  • Having your child keep track of wet and dry nights should be included as part of the child’s/parent’s responsibility in treatment.

Tips For Success When Using A Bed Wetting Alarm

Your child should feel comfortable while using a bed wetting alarm. It should be easy and quick to set up by the child themselves.

  • Bed wetting alarms have the tone built in to signal your child about a wetting event. The alarm should be loud enough to hear, so that that can help even deep sleepers to get up.
  • A bed wetting alarm is even better if it has additional features such as a vibrating option to allow for a discreet monitoring for children during events such as camps and sleep overs.
  • A good bed wetting alarm sensor should consistently react to the urine drops until the duration of the treatment.
  • The bed-wetting alarm should hold tight to child’s pajama top. So, it won’t fall off when children toss and turn.
  • Having the child keep track of wet and dry nights should be included as part of the child’s responsibility in treatment. Self-monitoring might also provide an added incentive to be dry for many children.

Shield Bed wetting alarm has the feature you need for a successful bed wetting treatment.

How to Stop Bed Wetting With Shield

We follow a three step approach to help overcome bedwetting sooner.
Our alarms DETECT, ALERT and TRAIN for faster and effective results.



Attach the sensor to the outside of your child’s underwear. Place the alarm unit on the pajama top attach on your child’s upper arm with a comfy armband for added comfort.



Our patented technology helps detect the first drop of urine. Upon detection the alarm triggers with loud sounds, bright lights and strong vibration to ensure your child wakes up sooner.



In a few weeks, your child becomes conditioned to recognize the need to empty the bladder at night and learns to stay dry permanently.