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5 Ways to Deal With Bed Wetting Boys & Girls

Shield Bedwetting Alarm / Bedwetting Children  / 5 Ways to Deal With Bed Wetting Boys & Girls
5 Ways to Deal With Bed Wetting Boys & Girls - Shield Bedwetting Alarm

5 Ways to Deal With Bed Wetting Boys & Girls

Managing with a bed wetting boys & girls is not easy. As parents, you always have your boy & girls best interest at heart. Dealing with bed wetting is no different.  Here are five tips that can help you deal with your bed wetting boy & girl in a positive and constructive way in your everyday life.

  1. Creating a don’t ask, don’t tell situation. Of course, you must protect your child’s feelings. You don’t want to discuss your child’s situation with his or her peers or their parents or with a close relative. But you definitely want them to get help. So, if you think speaking to a pediatrician or an aunt or uncle who was a bedwetter in childhood might help, don’t hesitate. Make your child understand that seeking help is important.
  2. Helping your Child Wake up. Many boys & girls dealing with bed wetting are deep sleepers and don’t recognize the need to empty the bladder during sleep. Parents usually have to wake up the child to void at night. In doing so, it’s the parent who assumes that it is their primary responsibility of waking up the child and not the child by themselves. To stop bed wetting, your boy or girl must recognize the need to wake up independently and emptying the bladder. Bedwetting alarms can help your child establish the connection between the brain and the bladder and help stop bedwetting permanently.
  3. Waiting for the Boy or Girls to Outgrow Bed Wetting. Yes, it’s true that most boys & girls outgrow bed wetting after a certain age. But bed wetting is stressful and embarrassing. So, don’t wait endlessly. If your child is 5 or 6 years of age and still wet the bed couple times of the week, it’s time to find out the cause of bed wetting and get the right treatment.
  4. Comparing with Other siblings. It’s possible you never had bde wetting issues with your older children and/or a child younger to your bedwetter is already dry. But drawing comparison with other children in the household will increase your child’s feeling of shame and guilt.
  5. Making lifestyle Choices. Yes, some every day choices such as your child’s fluid-intake, consuming caffeinated drinks and food or wearing pull ups can make a difference. Limiting fluid in-take without making your child uncomfortably thirsty and restricting tea, coffee, colas or chocolate before bedtime might help.

However, remember that its inability to wake up to empty the bladder that causes bed wetting and not just the full bladder. So, help your boy or girl recognize the need to wake up. And one of helping them is letting them sleep in the underwear instead of the pull up.

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