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Waterproof Mattress Pad To Protect Your Bed From Bedwetting Accident

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Waterproof mattress pad to protect your bed from bedwetting accident - Shield Bedwetting Alarm

Waterproof Mattress Pad To Protect Your Bed From Bedwetting Accident

A waterproof mattress pad might be the most important accessory to have for your bed to safeguard against spills, stains, and leaks resulting from bedwetting accidents, fluids, and sweat. Specially for those who have issues with incontinence. waterproof mattress pad comes in different materials with each one offering unique advantages and disadvantages. Finding one that fits your needs is important. There are many types of waterproof bedding that ranges from vinyl to mattress covers.

Below we have compiled a list of different types of waterproof mattress pad that come in various types, each made to fill a specific purpose.

  • Vinyl covers are made of plastic and are easy to clean. Vinyl covers are advantageous because they do not require a laundry machine. Vinyl covers can be wiped off with a damp cloth. However, liquid may slide off and create an even bigger mess. Vinyl covers are disposable and can be taken on vacation for conveniences.
  • Some waterproof mattress pads are made of absorbent material with layered protection. These types of bedding absorb the liquid and don’t allow the liquid to spill. They come in multiple sizes and protect the underlying bed sheets from getting wet. Waterproof mattress pads come in two variety like disposable and reusable. Reusable overlays can be washed, while disposables can be used on overnight trips.
  • Premium waterproof mattress pads are breathable mattress covers that are made of polyurethane that allows air to pass through, but still prevent liquids from seeping through. They encase the mattress preventing fluids from seeping in and thus protects the mattress very well. Check out the Quilted Waterproof Mattress Pad.


What does a waterproof mattress pad do?

It is recommended that adults should get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, and children needing more. Since your mattress is going to be used for at least 7 hours each night, why would you not want to keep it fresh and protected?


Waterproof mattress pad accomplishes four things:

  1. Keeps the mattress clean; We all perspire at night and produce oil from our skins. There are other activities that can produce a “dirty spot” on the bed like if you have a child, teen or an adult with bedwetting issue. Once a little urine or sweat gets into your mattress, it’s almost impossible to get it out of your mattress. A waterproof mattress pad prevents any of that from getting into the mattress and can be taken off and washed.
  2. Give the mattress “like new” condition for longer; Your big mattress is not possible to wash so use of waterproof mattress pad protects it from any stains keeping it like new and fresh for years for healthier sleep.
  3. Helps prevent dust mite allergies from acting up; Dust mite allergies are very common and can lead to issues such as sneezing, runny nose, and shortness of breath. Dust mites eat dead skin cells, and there will be dead skin cells in your mattress if you don’t use a waterproof mattress pad.
  4. Keep warranty in place; A bedwetting accident or stain will void the warranty. Even if the stain has nothing to do with the warranty issue, it still voids the warranty.

For all those reasons, everybody needs a waterproof mattress protector. Visit Shield Bedwetting Alarm for variety of waterproof mattress pad.

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