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Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

Shield Bedwetting Alarm / Best Bedwetting Alarm Reviews

By Christer

5 out of 5
My son is 8 years old and is a very deep sleeper. We have tried many different techniques to wake him, and help him stay dry and nothing worked. Finally, we found the right solution our family doctor suggested us to use bedwetting alarm that could develop a brain and bladder connection to make child understand his urge to go to the bathroom in the night. This alarm is wonderful and is very effective.

By Kristin

5 out of 5
The alarm is sufficiently loud and the vibration helps rouse really deep sleepers. So far, we really like this alarm.

By Else

5 out of 5
This alarm has worked really well for my 7 yrs. old son who is an extremely deep sleeper. After about 1 month of use my son had basically been trained to wake up before starting to wet the bed.

By Arendal

4 out of 5
We are following the directions of the alarm exactly and it has shown result in 3 weeks.

By Michael

5 out of 5
My son has been totally dry and waking himself up when he has to use the bathroom for almost 25 days now. It has really been a great experience for my son and we are relaxed too.

By Wessam

5 out of 5
We have a 11-year-old son who has had a problem with night time wetting all his life. We tried medication with limited success. We had tried every suggestion out there, limiting drinks, waking him up in the middle of the night but nothing was successful. After reading all of the positive reviews for this product, I decided to order it. Within the first week of use only, we saw great improvements. Now almost done with week three he has been completely dry for 10 days!!!

By J Penderson

5 out of 5
It really is worth the price, just be patient.

By Helge

5 out of 5
He is a very heavy sleeper yet it wakes him up immediately to go to the bathroom. I would highly recommend this alarm for children with night time bed wetting issues.

By Tone

5 out of 5
his alarm works great. After 2 weeks, our child is dry most nights.

By Rita

5 out of 5
He either wakes up himself or sleeps through the night. I suggest this product to anyone! It has been an amazing transformation. Try it - you won't regret it.
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