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Bed Time is Not All About Bedwetting

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Bed Time is Not All About Bedwetting - Shield Bedwetting Alarm

Bed Time is Not All About Bedwetting

Remember those first few months when you started creating a calming and positive environment with books, music and bottles and massage to tell your little one that it’s time to go to bed. Well, that little one is all grown up now. But the importance of bed time is still the same for him or her or may be even more, particularly if he or she is bedwetting.

For many parents bed time is a perfect opportunity for them to bond with their child. If you have a child who is bed wetting, you might want to use bed time for addressing the problem. It is a good idea to talk to your child about what is bedwetting, its causes, treatments and symptoms. Let your child feel that he is not the only one with this issue.

You may want to pick a book that talk about bedwetting or bladder control or for share your success story or that of a close relative who was a bedwetter. Sharing first hand experiences will help your child understand that bedwetting is not his or her fault and may even help him or her to open to you about any emotional stress that is arising out of this situation.

If your child suddenly started wetting the bed after being dry, bed time talks might help you figure out the potential cause of bed wetting. The behavior that a child indulges in when in stress can cause them to wet. For e.g. emotional stress arising out of moving or divorce of parents or arrival of new sibling may cause child to seek comfort of food such as salty snacks that can lead to fluid retention and if the small bladder, it can result in bed wetting. You can discuss with them using a bedwetting alarm that is proven method that helps your child stop bedwetting in few weeks.

However, don’t make bed time a bedwetting talk time. Discuss other things with your child so you can get their mind of what they are usually afraid to talk about. The key is to striking the balance— neither should you ignore the problem nor spend every minute talking about it. Give your child an opportunity to talk about other normal childhood activities and milestones as well. Your goal should be to involve your child to find a solution like bedwetting alarms that can help achieve dryness, not to overwhelm him or her.

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